Some Pictures and a Video

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Let the Wood Carving Begin

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The Machine carved wood for the first time today!

Had to make a home-made motor mount. Still waiting on a shipment from K2CNC.

The carving shown in the video is a mount for the SuperPID electronics and power switches. The model was created in Google Sketchup then transfered to BobCAD as a dxf file. Used BobCAD to create the tool paths and g-code. Mach-3 took over from there.

Progress Report – Gantry Moving

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The electronics are mounted to the machine as well as the limiter switches. The electronics are mounted temporarily. One of my first CNC projects will be to build a new control panel and mount the SuperPID. The cables on the deck are also in a temporary state, as I plan to make some cable carriers out of PVC sheet material. You might notice an odd sound in the video; I think there is a bearing issue on the x-axis. The router has been ordered (PC-892) and should arrive Friday. I will be operational after getting the router mount, some cutters and solving the bearing issue.

Control Panel – Part 2 – It’s Alive!

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We got the electronics working today!

Control Panel – Part 1

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I have started connecting the electrical components. The system is getting complicated, as there are 3 different voltages; 110v, 48v, & 5v. In addition the system can draw up to 25.4 amps.

I have made a control panel out of scrap plywood to mount to the front of the machine. When operational I will use the machine to make a better control panel. The space for the control panel is limited to 18″ by 6″ with about 3″ of depth. Care must be taken to avoid interference with the gantry undercarriage and the x-axis assembly.

The power supplies are too large to fit on the control panel, so they are mounted on the bottom of the deck. I have made an apparatus with the correct proportions to temporarily mount the power supplies. This allows me to wire the system without working upside down under the machine. The wiring between the power supplies and the control panel use various connectors to allow easy separation.

Last night I got the low voltage wired on the control panel, except the SuperPID. The SuperPID has not yet arrived.

Still remaining is the high voltage, SuperPID, limit switches, and router wiring.


Wiring Diagrams:

Fixed Deck

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The channels that I previously made in the deck were large enough for the cables but not large enough for the ends of the cables. Now is a good time to rework that. Unfortunately I had to remove the deck to make the cuts.

While the deck was off of the table, I mounted the 48V power supply. The gantry undercarriage will pass right by the power supply. When the 5V power supply arrives, it will be mounted near by.

The deck is now mounted back on the machine and the cable ends seem to fit now.

Electronics Arrival

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The electronics have arrived! Well, most of them. I am waiting on the SmoothStepper USB interface and the SuperPID spindle controller. It turns out I will need another power supply. The motors and controllers use the 48 volt power supply that came today. The SmoothStepper and SuperPID run on 5 volts DC. The SmoothStepper has an option to run off of the USB power. The SuperPID requires a 5V power supply, so I might as well run both components off of the same 5V supply.

Deck Build and Installed

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Finally got the deck built and installed. Built from two layers of 3/4″ MDF provides a sturdy 1.5″ deck. Aluminum clamping channels every 6″ to hold any size material in place. Getting all of the bolt holes and bolts to align was a challenge. I cross threaded a few. Will have to remove one more time, as the pathway created for the wiring is not large enough. Also, will be mounting the power supply to the underside of the deck at this time.

“Houston, we’ve had a problem.” Women in the shop.


Initial Assemble

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Okay, I got the kit put together. All of the parts are here. I will be disassembling for some refurbishing. I found a few action items.

  1. One of the bearings is broken, need to order a replacement
  2. Wood screws were driven through the deck into the aluminum, will have to grind damage flat
  3. Z-Axis is mounted about an inch lower than the plans indicate

These issues are very minor and can be expected on a used machine. All-in-all I am very happy with the condition of the machine.

CNC Kit Arival

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I found a used FLA-100 CNC Router kit for sale on line. The price was about half of the cost of a new unit. It has been in use for a year and a half. I just could not pass this up, as it is the exact machine I have been looking to by. I suspect I will have to do some refurbishing.

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